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Gazette Term 2 AY2015-2016

July - Sept 2015

ISMILE Gazette April - June 2015

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Dear ISMILE , Enrolling our daughter, Faith, at ISMILE was one of the best decisions we made during our short time in Bandung. With its emphasis on Christian values and character building, ISMILE was a perfect fit for us.

Timothy and Velma Ang (Singapore) Parents of Faith Ang , N2 Bandung

Some say character is hereditary; it’s from the genes. Some Chinese beliefs even go to the extent of predicting the child’s character from the birth date and time. I, however, feel that environment plays the biggest part in the child’s upbringing. Imagine a child brought up in the jungle, then it’s the jungle ways that molds the child.

Lenny Riyanti, Nadya's Mom (N1C)