Our Curriculum


Our child-focused approach to the curriculum is based on observation of children's individual strengths and abilities.

Each child has a preferred learning style. Knowing and understanding your child's learning style will help them learn more effectively. We strive to help by providing the best learning environment for the continuous positive development of physical, cognitive, social, emotional, and creative strengths. Our centre provides a holistic approach where the multiple intelligences of your child are develop in the following areas: linguistic, spatial, logical, kinaesthetic, musical, interpersonal, intra personal, and naturalist.


Nursery 1
Nursery 2 and Kindergarden 1&2

The Infant & Toddler program is designed for providing stimulation, interaction, routine and exploration opportunities for early motor, social, intellectual and moral development. Partnering with the main care-giver of the child, bonding and learning is fostered through purposeful play.

A team of teachers is present in the ISMILE village to facilitate learning opportunities through village play, show and tell, music and movement, drama, art and craft, physical development and an educational snack time.