Dear ISMILE , Enrolling our daughter, Faith, at ISMILE was one of the best decisions we made during our short time in Bandung. With its emphasis on Christian values and character building, ISMILE was a perfect fit for us.
During our first visit to the school, we were more than impressed with the facilities. Not only were the facilities suitable for young children, they were designed to enhance learning. Faith had lots of fun throughout the year - growing plants in the garden, jumping into the ball pit and climbing the rock wall in the gym, as well as catching and observing various insects.
It was also a joy for us to witness the social and academic growth in Faith. She enjoyed school tremendously and would daily recount what she learnt in school to us. She also learnt to make and interact with friends, and learnt to be independent.
Hardware and curriculum aside, what distinguished ISMILE most from other pre schools was its heart ware. The teachers (especially Ms Fem, Ms Ika, Ms Gema, Ms Rika, Ms Erlina) were kind, patient and caring. They took the extra effort to get to know and understand each pupil's needs. Even teachers and staff not teaching Faith knew her and helped her. All these made a huge and positive difference to Faith's first experience with school. Even now when she is back in Singapore, she tells me that she misses her teachers and friends in Bandung!
Indeed, God is at work in ISMILE. And our family has truly been blessed by it. May God continue to work through the school
?to bless many more students and families.

Timothy and Velma Ang (Singapore) Parents of Faith Ang , N2 Bandung

Some say character is hereditary; it’s from the genes. Some Chinese beliefs even go to the extent of predicting the child’s character from the birth date and time. I, however, feel that environment plays the biggest part in the child’s upbringing. Imagine a child brought up in the jungle, then it’s the jungle ways that molds the child.
With that in mind, I set no compromis- es when I was looking around for a preschool for my beloved daughter, Nadya. I have seen many other preschools and even attended some of the trial classes but no other schools gave me the security that my Nadya will be taken cared of. I finally made my decision on ISMILE, not because of the convenience but because of the teachers. Nadya was a firstborn, would alwaysgetherwayandalwayshadeverythingpreparedforher. I was quite afraid that Nadya might not be able to play together with the other children or take instructions from her teachers.
It was quite evident from Nadya’s behavior that ISMILE did her good. Nadya started to show discipline especially during meal times and start learning to pack up her toys after she is done with. Nadya was able to show these traits only after the first few months of Toddler class. Then comes a time, when Nadya had to be left alone when she progressed to N1. As every parent would feel, I couldn’t bear to leave her in the class alone. Of course Nadya cried but surprisingly, this only went on for a few weeks. Then a month after, Nadya was excited to go to school. Now that’s progress ! I really don’t know what the teachers do in the class but Nadya has shown so much improvement in her manners as well as vocabulary. Nadya is also very receptive to comments and questions and can now start to make decisions for herself.
Kudos to ISMILE for their secret recipe to transform our little bundle of joy to be smart and intelligent. Thank you to Ms.Kim, Ms.Cindy, Ms.Elvy, Ms.Linda and Lao Shi for their patience and kindness.

Lenny Riyanti, Nadya's Mom (N1C)

ISMILE have been a part of our lives for 7 wonderful years. Jayden was one of the first batches of ISMILE students in 2008 and graduatedin 2012. Jayden is currently in Primary 2 in National High, a Cambridge based education system school. He told me that a lot of his basic knowledge were taught during his ISMILE years. Jayden’s transition from a preschool to a primary school is smooth sailing. ISMILE prepared their students in K1 and K2 with qualified teachers to prepare them in the primary school. I don’t have to do much revision during his Primary 1 year .... life was really easy for me. Thank you ISMILE for doing the hard work for me. Ethan, my other son is currently in K1.

He has a little bit of speech delay compared to his peers. However, with the help of the teachers and enrichments from Nursery to Kindergarten, it’s amazing how Ethan’s speech has improved so much and most importantly, his confidence. In the beginning when people don’t understand a word he is saying, that really put him down and he will just cut the story short and keep quiet and that breaks my heart. One incident he told me “Omehchely” and I was guessing from cherry to ice cream or his toys. He was crying and frustrated that I didn’t understand him.

One morning, Jayden told me, “Mommy, Ethan wants Tom & Jerry,” and Ethan shouted, “Omeh chely”. End of story. ISMILE is so committed in providing support to parents and the well being of their students. Thank you ISMILE. Ethan now speaks much clearer and more people can understand him now. I can see his confidence has grown so much that he even talks to strangers in the lift, which I need to teach him about that; but thank you so much. You have not only made me so happy but you have given Ethan a chance to tell his stories, his world to the people. Thank you ISMILE for you never fail to please me and most importantly Jayden and Ethan.

Sieny S. Prasetio, Mom of Jayden (Graduated) & Ethan (K1)

It was three years ago for Thierry and one year ago for Claire when they joined ISMILE. I could still remember leaving them crying for hours while I waited outside of their nursery classes feeling heartbroken. However, those days have passed, and both of them are really enjoying their school days now. I truly thank all the wonderful teachers at Ismile for providing such a “comforting family like” environment for my kids. For us, as parents, we want to have that secure feeling of leaving our kids in a place where we know that they are educated, protected, and loved. I truly feel that ISMILE can provide all of those things for my kids.

Thank you ISMILE.

Ms. Pricillia. mom of Thierry and Claire

Both of our daughters - Kathlyn and Nicole Muljono have been attending Ismile since N1. The teachers’ friendly, nurturing and professional manner helped them settle into pre-school routines quickly. In this school that they been attending, her skill in interpersonal relationships and communication have developed immensely. Both of them now happily share with their peers and communicate their wants and needs more effectively. Our daughters enjoy the fun learning experiences and activities that are incorporated into the pre-school day and they always make us feel very proud of what they have achieved. BIG thanks to ISMILE for being wonderful to our daughthers.

Ms. Diana Permana, Mom of Kathlyn and Nicole Muljono

One afternoon, I witnessed my first born bossing his little brother around and because I wanted to protect my younger child, I said to him, “stop being so nice to your brother because he isn’t so nice to you”. My younger son replied, “Mommy, my teacher said you have to be nice to bad people so bad people can learn to be nice to people.” My heart stopped. I couldn't believe my 5-year old child was giving me a lesson on life.

Hence,this is the very reason why I think ISMILE is very different from the other schools available in Jakarta. Not only do they teach the students academics, they also in still values and principles that the child need as they grow older. In ISMILE, I can see my child grows in maturity, confidence and wisdom.

Thank you ISMILE.

Abigail Chandra

Clean facilities and friendly staffs were our initial considerations to enroll Maddie to ISMILE. She was1.5 years old, joining the Mom-toddler class which then helped me to know more about the school. Teachers know students by names, including their non-direct students. Teachers treat the students as individuals rather than a group as each kid has different characters, challenges, and needs. Most importantly, they are highly committed to what they are doing, reachable, and responsive. These confirmed our decision enrolling Maddie to ISMILE.
Maddie had ups and downs at the beginning. In toddler class, she was independent and confident. However, when entering N1, she became reserved. She was crying and did not want to let go in the first week. Thanks to the teachers’ patience and commitment, Maddie had bloomed into a happy student who loves singing, dancing, and art by the end of N1. Now at N2, she would lead the way excitedly to her class and could not wait to join the class. The very keyword that I anticipate hearing from Maddie when I ask her daily: “How’s school today?” She would reply: “FUN!” Then I know Maddie is in the right hands.

Irene Suganda, mother of Callista Madeline, N2B

It's been my third year since my first son, Aaron joined ISMILE. Everyday,they amaze me with their progress and improvements. InISMILE, they learn how to think on their own and they are never afraid to speakup their minds. The teachers always give them guidance instead of saying they are wrong.
In this school, they also learned about religion, how to praise, worship or even just to thank God.There was once, I lost my Ipad in the mall. Do you know what my kid told me? "Mommy,it's okay. Jesus will give your Ipad back and He will always guard us." That's my four year old who talked to me! Amazing! Since Darryll joined N1,he also improved a lot.
Every kid is special in his or her own way. Each has his or her strength and weakness, and I believe that the teacher can help the kids develop their weaknesses to be their strengths.
What impressed me also are the teaching methods that make learning fun. Keep
it up, ISMILE! A thousand words can't describe how satisfied I am with my kids’ growth in this school.

Ms. Nathania, Mom of Aaron (K1) & Darryl (N2)

It's not because of the broad range lists of teaching methods and which kind of learning aspects that was written on the brochures, that made them a deciding factor for us to believe that ISMILE is the best environment for our son, Silas, to grow, learn and explore his knowledge and creativity, when we first encountered the colourful and interesting booth, almost a year ago. There was, one of the teachers, seeing an eager child looking at those curious bunch of floating objects to play with. She gave one of those bright green balloons to my son, probably waved goodbye, not expecting anything. It took only one simple genuine act, I believe with a sincere smile, and it doesn't need even a single persuasive word, to trust our parenting instincts for considering to have a look. The next thing that followed was us visiting the booth, helping ourselves picking up as many brochures as we could.
For us it's crucial to establish children's cognition in all aspects of intelligence, we call them talents, from an early age. Having said that, it's also imperative to have the best facility and teachers with keen abilities to assess those skills in their progress. In that way our son will gain his confidence in appreciating his strengths and understanding his weaknesses. ISMILE provides those requirements both in professional education programmes, atmosphere and excellent activities. But what is quintessential significant for us in setting the best example for our child throughout this passage of blooming and learning are these simple, basic and widely known acts of compassion, sincerity, and kindness which we found not only in the class but also from the school surroundings. From the head principal, educators and their assistants, the cooks and gardeners, to the receptionist and security. Everyone is involved, dedicated and determined to give their best interest for the children's development. 
We saw Silas growing in confidence each day. Being taught gratitude and awareness, he now loves to explore and appreciates more. Of his surroundings, all kinds of things, what nature brings. Of simple but meaningful gestures. But what most important of all is allowing Silas to be his best self. And I thank ISMILE for that and letting Silas be part of this amazing learning experience. 


I believe ISMILE will expand and flourish not just as an institution but as a big family as well.

Parents of Silas Jean Wetik Marcel F. D. Wetik and Alexandra J. Wuisan

It's crazy how time flies and it's amazing to see the change in Mina from the time she entered ISMILE at only 6 months old to now. I remembered that she used to cry during sessions and always wanted to be hugged while the other infant, Adler, was playing with the teachers. I loved the way ISMILE taught her how to put her hands together and pray. Now she interacts with other kids, not only in school, but also when there is a kid who drops her doll in the street, Mina would pick it up and give it back to her. So thank you Teachers, for teaching Mina the most important lesson of all, kindness to others.

Mina's Parents

ISMILE is a truly special place. Both my children have been at ISMILE since toddler class. They are now in K1 and N2. The children are happy and I have seen them grow emotionally, physically and educationally. The teachers are all very competent and caring. It is a school with a very positive atmosphere!

Mom of Matthew (N2) & Gianna (K1)

We love Ismile! All of the teachers and assistants are always so pleasant and upbeat, they create a really positive environment for the kids.
The curriculum is very carefully considered and varies week to week. Our son, Raphael, is always excited to tell us what is new at school, and he is learning by leaps and bounds thanks to his awesome teachers!
I really appreciate that everyone at Ismile keeps us in the loop about their goals and plans for the kids and the school. I always feel very comfortable talking to them about anything that comes to mind, and they are attentive to our feedback as well.
We are so grateful to have found Ismile and please continue your good work.

Ms. Irene Gunawan, mother of Raphael Wong (Nursery 2D)