In ISMILE, The Child…

… walks in the fear of the Lord and is a masterpiece that is remarkably and wonderfully made.
… must be nurtured, heard, and respected.
… is the constructor of his or her own learning, who learns best in a world of wonder, awe and joy and from their peers.

In ISMILE, The Environment…

… is safe, clean, inviting and inspiring, which includes the indoor classroom, the outdoor classroom, and beyond.
… presents the child with magic, wonder and unlimited possibilities.
… engages all the senses that provokes investigation, imagination and creativity.

In ISMILE, Time…

… is not set by the clock and provides a balance between varied learning styles and opportunities.
… is an investment, so that learning is not interrupted, and continuity is encouraged.

In ISMILE, The Educator…

… is an active listener who nurtures, supports, affirms and inspires.
… is a keen observer who facilitates learning opportunities and unlocks possibilities.
… is a researcher, an ardent life-long learner who mindfully creates learning possibilities based on the research done about the children’s learning process.
… is an effective collaborator – with parents, students, other educators, and the community

In ISMILE, The Family…

… is recognized by the school as the first and most important educator of the child
… is the most important partner of and engages in mutual and harmonious collaboration with the school for the benefit of all children
… and the school communicate with each other about the child's progress

In ISMILE, The Relationships…

… form the foundation of the school, guided by rules of engagement based on respect of one’s self, others and the world
… respect all the stakeholders in the school and are enriched by mutual learning and growing

In ISMILE, We believe in…

… one’s value as a child of God.
… respect, empathy, humility, stewardship, and joy.
… integrity, resilience, and ethic of excellence.

In ISMILE, Every child shines.

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