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Bandung Newsletter July 2023 Issue 1

In this issue, get a sneak peek at the new look of our home, first day at school, and many more.

Welcome to the July edition of our Bandung newsletter! We have lots of exciting updates and stories to share this month.​
The New Look of Our Home

It’s a new day, and we are all starting a new school year. Our lobby, playground, and some other areas of the school all underwent significant improvements. We had a major renovation, and it’s looking fresh and ready to face the New Academic Year of 2023-2024.

Alongside the new look that we had for the school, our classrooms are also newly set up with teacher-made materials ready to welcome the children in the class.

Amongst all the new setup of the school, we do hope that this will bring our school into a better environment for the children to learn in

First Day of School

The first day of school is always the most enjoyable time of the entire academic year. As the new academic year began, a range of activities were prepared by the teachers to help the students settle in and adjust during the first day of classes. The Infant and Toddler classes immersed themselves in a sea dwellers’ theme and had a specific task to meet and save sea creatures.

The letter “s” was introduced to both N1 and N2 children on the first day of school. The children explored many things that start with the letter “s.”.

Everyone had a great time while improving their fine motor skills, encouraging their creativity, and learning practical life lessons through these activities. Exploring the five senses and taking a school tour to every school area were the exciting activities the K1 children did for the week. While sharing about their holiday adventure, and the phrase “I like” was the topic of conversation in the K2 class.

The first day of school went smoothly, as everyone was eager to come to school, ready to learn and explore.