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Now more than ever, the world needs more changemakers regenerating our world.
Mrs. Amanda,
Parent of Danica and Tamara

Before enrolling my firstborn in ISMILE, my husband and I didn’t think it was necessary for kids that young to be in school. It was at a time where covid was high and we found ourselves unsure how to occupy our toddler’s time and energy. As covid dragged on and cut us off from social interactions, we decided to enroll Danica in ISMILE offline school the first chance we could. It was a challenging time for her to get used to a new environment, new people and also separation from us. However as time passed, we saw our little girl maturing and coming out of her shell. She became more confident in herself and took less time to adjust to new surroundings. I owe this to the patient support and guidance of the loving teachers in ISMILE, being there every step of the way. After seeing what a difference starting school young can make, my second daughter has been in ISMILE since toddlerhood, and enjoying it immensely.

N1 & K1 ISMILE Permata Hijau
Mr. Samuel & Mrs. Amanda Sariaatmadja,
Parents of Joanna Ilsa Sariaatmadja

When we were searching for a preschool for our daughter, both my husband and I sought an environment where our daughter would not only thrive with play-based learning, competent teachers that also communicate and involve parents in the education of our child, but also one where good values and principles are passed down. We are grateful to share that we have found this in ISMILE thus far!

N2B of Ismile Menteng
Our Educators
  • is a researcher
  • is an ardent life-long learner
  • is an active listener
  • is a nurturer who supports, affirms and inspires
  • is a keen observer who facilitates learning opportunities and unlocks possibilities
  • is an effective collaborator – with parents, students, other educators, and the community
  • mindfully creates learning possibilities based on the research done about the children’s learning process
Welcome to the ISMILE Alumni Wall of Achievements!

Since ISMILE’s inception in 2007, we are privileged to have nurtured and shaped thousands of young hearts and minds; bringing out the best in them since they were just little acorns. Many of them have graduated and grown into mighty oaks. These young learners, who once graced our classrooms with laughter and curiosity, have embarked on their unique journeys of growth and discovery as they proceed to Primary school. As they have taken their first steps beyond ISMILE, we celebrate their achievements, big and small.

Even though they are no longer with us, we take immense pride in their continued accomplishments. From academic successes to creative pursuits, each achievement reflects the foundation of curiosity and love of learning we strive to nurture during the golden years they were with ISMILE.

To our ISMILE alumni, you are a testament to the bright potential that exists within every child. Your journeys inspire us, and we look forward to witnessing the continued impact you make on the world. As you grow up to become young men and women of great knowledge, Godly character and fulfilling God’s given destiny and purpose for your life, remember that you’ll forever be a part of our cherished preschool family.

Last but not least,
Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in Heaven. – Matthew 5:16

Meet our Alumni

I joined ISMILE when I was in toddler class until primary 2 in Oakwood Academy. It was a very good experience for me. ISMILE has been one of the best parts of my childhood. I learned so many things and built a strong foundation for myself in English, Mandarin and also my character, so what I am today it’s inseparable from what I’ve got from ISMILE. The teachers are friendly, helpful, passionate, and respectful. They also always be my role model so I grow in my respect for

others, being responsible, having integrity, being more courageous, disciplined and caring for others. With those characteristics I have no doubt to reach my future and bless my community.

 Thank you ISMILE for being one of the best parts of my long-life learning journey!

~ Alvin Ethan Jonatan,
12th years old
Sekolah Mutiara Nusantara, 7th grade

As an alumni of ISMILE, I am brave enough to say that ISMILE is a great educational institute since I received quality education there which has developed me into a better person. Although I am not able to recall all the experiences I had there ten years ago, there are two meaningful experiences that I remember the most. The first experience was when my parents enrolled me to a grade above the standard of my age accidentally. At the first day of school, I remembered that I was not really able to comprehend much of what was being taught, which developed a sense of fear inside me. However, after having finished all the assignments given, and being taught by teachers who have a strong willingness to teach, I eventually understood the materials provided. The quality of the assignments given and teachers are reasons to why ISMILE provides such an effective learning system. Besides that, the teachers are also very gentle and caring. Although I had ever rebelled against and expressed rude ideas towards the teachers there, they forgave me immediately and reminded me to never do those kind of actions again. This shows how the teachers in Ismile are very supportive and provide sufficient support and attention towards the students. The education and life lessons received from Ismile has prepared me for my primary and even secondary years of school. Furthermore, the education received can be proven as efficacious through an accomplishment I achieved recently, which is a scholarship to a top Singaporean school. In the end, I would like to thank all the contributors of ISMILE, especially the teachers, for developing me into a successful person, both in educational and personal life.

~ Nathan Henry Asikin,
15th years old
Ipeka International Christian School

Since I was young, I have collected and read many books and enjoyed it very much. My first book was read to me when I was very young and my most treasured item is my library. I hold one memory and have kept it for four years.
I remember when I visited my grandmother’s shop, I was bored and brought along my book. I read it for hours on end and I realized that reading brought great joy, and I could let others feel that same joy by writing those books.I thought that maybe,a million years from now,others could be reading the same thing.

Since then, I have aspired to be the most memorable writer people could know.I have been motivated to work hard and keep strong,knowing that this way,I can achieve my dream in the best manner possible.

~ Alessa Kaylee Pangestan,
9th years old
Bina Bangsa School, Bandung, Batch 2020

Hi, my name is Kenzo. I am in primary 3 right now. My dream is to become a scientist as I like science. Science has always been my interest. My ambition is to solve mysteries that are still unsolved by scientists today. I will study and always do my best in everything I do.

~ Kenzo Chandra Setiawan,
8th years old
Bina Bangsa School, Bandung, Batch 2021

After I got the salutatorian I felt the need to always keep that status and to improve. This didn’t come without major supporters like the two schools (ISMILE & BBS) I have attended in my life. I also and will also keep improving to the fact that if you try hard and do your best nothing is impossible and i want to make my parents proud.

~ Maheswara Shakti Nugroho,
13th years old
Bina Bangsa School, Bandung, Batch 2016

ISMILE has been a great part of my life and I would like to say that I have grown up there and the memories I’ve made there have stayed with me until this day. The things I’ve learnt in Ismile has helped me in becoming the person I am today, and I am extremely grateful for the experiences and knowledge I have gained.

~ Victoria Aiko Saputra,
14th years old
Bina Bangsa School, Bandung, Batch 2015

Management carefully selects the ISMILE team of educators; the majority are graduates of Early Childhood, Psychology, Family and Child, and English majors, with a few from Medicine, Music, and other fields. Most of our instructors have extensive teaching experience in the early childhood or lower elementary years. And when we come across rare nuggets of potential and creative young talents, we embrace them, knowing that they will learn quickly and contribute new ideas and progress. One thing our educators all have in common though, is their love for children and their passion for their jobs. They will talk eagerly and incessantly about their children’s progress.

ISMILE expects excellence in everything they do, from knowing each child’s interests and learning needs to understanding our curriculum and benchmarks. Our educators must meet the high expectations of many stakeholders, frequently while wearing several hats, but they become more resilient and have a better understanding of early childhood progressive pedagogies and best practices. Our educators are also given the opportunity to advance their careers inside the organization as they undergo continuous professional development and growth in the supportive environment of ISMILE. Yes, working at ISMILE is not for the fainthearted, but it is also incredibly rewarding!