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You’re on the right page! Contact our administrators via the provided numbers or drop by anytime. We are prepared to offer your child an exceptional educational experience.

At ISMILE Preschool, we are committed to fostering a thriving environment for children.  Our experienced educators tailor learning to each child, ensuring both academic excellence and emotional growth.

Reach out to our friendly administrators for any queries or to tour our vibrant campus. Give your child the best possible start. Enroll today and unlock a world of possibilities for their future.

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ISMILE practices an interdisciplinary and holistic curriculum that focuses on the child. Our programs are inspired by the integration of Reggio Emilia Approach (Italy) and Dr. Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences (MI) theory. We also incorporate Montessori learning materials in our Math, Language & Science programs.

ISMILE educators observe & understand each child's dominant intelligences and the different ways they learn and express themselves. Then, Instructional strategies are adapted and crafted thoughtfully to meet the different needs of each child, thereby bringing out the best in them.

ISMILE takes great pride in providing a well-balanced curriculum that actively engages children in the process of learning as well as developing language, intellectual, social-emotional, fine motor, and critical thinking skills. Through our solid Character-building program, we are also instilling good character and habits in the children from infants right up to kindergarten.

ISMILE also provides high quality and experienced Educators. We support continuous professional development, in house as well as sending them for training abroad. This allows Educators to not only further their own learning but to bring the knowledge and inspiration gained back to our centres.

The majority of ISMILE team of educators; are graduates of Early Childhood, Psychology, Family and Child, and English majors, with a few from Medicine, Music, and other fields. Most of our instructors have extensive teaching experience in the early childhood or lower elementary years

Yes, ISMILE has been accredited A by the Indonesian government.

All classrooms have a qualified early childhood educator leading the class and an experienced assistant teacher. In addition to these two teachers, we also have “floating helpers” from classroom to classroom when there is a need for additional help.
Our class ratio is :
Nursery 1 = 1: 4
Nursery 2 = 1: 6
KIndergarten 1&2 (4–6 y.o) = 1: 8
* If there are more than 16 Kindergarten students, then we will have a second Teacher Assistant / Teacher in Training in the class.

Our main source of school-parent communication is through Storypark, a communication tool and Family Apps that enable effective two-way communication and sharing of essential updates, messages, photos and children’s learning and routines.

Discipline is a process of learning self-regulation, respect for others, and responsibility. Positive methods of discipline will be practiced at all times in ISMILE. We always try to focus on the positive, not the negative! For any on-going issues, teachers will communicate with parents so that school and home are working together with the child’s best interests in mind.

Yes and we will assess the child to place him/her in the age appropriate level.

If your child is sick, we ask that you keep them home to prevent the spread of illness. We have guidelines for when children can return to preschool after being sick. There will be no make up classes for absences.

We provide semestral progress reports and parent-teacher conferences to discuss your child’s development and address any concerns you may have.

Yes, we offer various after school enrichment classes such as: Gym, Music, Ballet, Art classes. There are also occasional special events and field trips related to the project work that the children are interested in.

We also provide one-to-one gym session by our Coach or one-to-one practical life skills with our SpED teachers for children that need the extra help.

1 adult caretaker can accompany in the Infant & Toddler class. However, starting from Nursery 1 (2 y.o) onwards, the children will not be accompanied anymore as they learn to be independent.

Class is conducted in English and there is daily Mandarin class too.

School tour is based on appointment and trial class can also be arranged at a fee.