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Key to Learning 2023

Early Years Curriculum With Galina Dolya

DAY - 1

ISMILE invited Galina Dolya, the Curriculum Director of Key to Learning International for a three days training for our educators on September 2023. Galina has developed an innovative Vygotskian approach to early childhood education. This curriculum has been proven to unlocking children’s “learning abilities” resulting in exceptional academic, social, and personal success. 
Our team believes that Vygotsky is one of the most influential theorists in Early Childhood Education. Like Vygotsky, we also agree that culture is significant in learning, connecting with language that is the root of culture and that individuals develop their role in the community.

DAY - 2

Participating in a 2-day advanced training program on the Key To Learning, a Vygotskian Theory curriculum, in Singapore was an exceptional opportunity. The training, led by Galina Dolya, the founder of the Key To Learning Curriculum, was truly enlightening. We were not just observing leaders from leading preschools presenting their experiences, but we also had the opportunity to engage in a series of informative discussions and hands-on sessions based on the Key To Learning modules. This experience has left us feeling inspired and motivated to enthusiastically introduce and implement this curriculum within our own facilities, including ISMILE and our sister schools, IShine and Alam Atelier.