Three Christmas Wishes: A Christmas Concert


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IT and N1

Ho! Ho! Ho! Mother Christmas here! IT and N1 Children from ISMILE Bellezza performed their hearts out during the much awaited Christmas Concert. Mother Christmas was so honored to be part of the beautiful performances that told stories about the children’s wishes this Christmas. The concert was opened by the wishes of infant class and that is to be with family. The infants danced with their daddies and the mommies appeared at the end, gathering the whole family on stage to show that their wish came true. Following the performance of the infant class was the toddler. They wore their toys Christmas costumes since their wish was to have lots of toys. It was impossible not to enjoy their performance. Some tried to dance on their own refusing assistance from their guardians and some tried to hold back their tears and still try to stay on the stage. N1B built up the momentum of the concert by showcasing their solid friendship by dancing and going through gym obstacle courses together. Last but not the least, a spectacular performance was done by N1A who wished to receive presents. The children showed their irreplaceable expressions when they got a chance to open a big box of present at the end of their performance. The children from N1 were dancing on their own and some of them even sang along. Mother Christmas was very happy to receive all the wishes from the children but I am even more happy that the children were able to remind everyone that the greatest present anyone could ever receive is to show the story of the birth of Jesus Christ during the final performance.

N2 to K2

Tim, Patty, and Jessie are afraid to make their Christmas wishes after their wishes from the previous year backfired. Star Angel, the Christmas fairy, sees their dilemma and helps them make their Christmas wishes right, as well as to discover the true meaning of Christmas along the way: Jesus and His life.

The children did amazing as they not only danced to deliver the school’s Christmas message, but they showcased their live singing, gym, musical instruments, poetry, mime, sign language, and ribbon dancing skills as well! Their month-long preparation hard work showed as they performed happily and confidently on stage!

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