A Meaningful Chinese New Year


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Along with the din of firecrackers go the departing year.  The spring wind brings warmth to help the wine mature. The Spring Festival is a festival for a reunion. It symbolizes unity and harmony and also represents blessings and the hope that everyone can be happy and live in peace. It is an invitation to celebrate with joy.

Resigning from the old and welcoming the new, the ISMILE Menteng community celebrated with much cheer!  We began the festivities with games.  Since the nursery and the kindergarten classes are big groups, we separated the two levels before proceeding with the games.  The orange relay and the orange-peeling game both required coordinated and refined movements.  The competitors were divided into groups, and everyone was so excited and eager to play.   In the end, we all cheered for our friends and classmates!

After the games, the children shared some snacks with friends.  Most were Chinese-inspired snacks or dishes that are usually served during Lunar New Year celebrations.  The exciting performances came next. The first performance was by the toddlers and their parents, who danced and waved their hands while adorably following the tempo of the music. The N1 and N2 performances were equally vibrant and full of energy.  The K1A and K1B showcased the gongfu and wushu martial arts, which they performed with full facial expression.  The children uttered commands in Mandarin and garnered applause from the audience. The K2 class performance of the dragon's successor was novel and impressive. The crisp and powerful sound or the drums held the attention of the audience.

Towards the end of the program, all the students sang and danced to the gong xi gong xi song to wish everybody a happy Chinese new year.  In the end, the ISMILE Menteng Piazza was full of laughter, good cheer, and thundering applause from the wonderful parents.

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