Animal Appreciation Week


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Animal Appreciation Week is an opportunity to commemorate our love and respect for animals. It gives us a chance to do something special to highlight their importance in the world. The ISMILE Menteng children celebrated the event for a week.

On the first day, they named the pets they have at home. They shared how they feed them or play with them. Aside from pets, the children also identified the animals they see at the farm, ocean and in the wilds They discussed about the importance of their existence through storybooks and videos. The kids were invited to create a replica of the different animal habitats. Using plastic animals and some natural materials, the children set up the Piazza  and immediately came up with their own ideas on how to position the animals to show how the farm looks like, the ocean, the forest and the savannah.

On the succeeding days, the children made their own posters of shout out to animal care, made their own animal head dress, and played some games and had water play with sea animals. The week ended with a talk from Maria Stray Group from Tangerang to further expose the children to the situations of some animals.

 The Maria Stray Group, headed by Miss Veronica and Ms Maria herself, shared their  advocacy in giving shelter to the stray dogs and how they cared for them. They showed some videos of the 60 stray dogs playing, eating, and being attended to by the veterinarian. The children raised some questions, like how they feed the animals and what are the things they need. They were encouraged to donate food, collars or toys for dogs. The gathering ended with the song,  “If I were a Butterfly” and a reminder to take care of the animals and their habitats.

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