The Best Garden Adventure


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ISMILE provides limitless fun and learning activities for the development of children’s holistic development- physically, mentally, and emotionally. Recently, the school garden opened its newest attraction the flying fox. This kind of activity is thrilling in a sense that there is a height involved and a distance that children have to travel from point to point. Physical strength from both hands and legs is needed to be able to accomplish the ride successfully. Concentration is very much needed to keep the child focused too.

Furthermore, the flying fox ride tests bravery. Overcoming one’s fear is vital to develop confidence and independence. Flying fox, like any other rides requires safety standards and equipment which is the school’s foremost priority. Anyone who would like to experience a ride will be given harness and helmet. They will be supervised by an adult from the flying fox tower and another one at the landing zone at all times. Who won’t get excited to take a ride? Undoubtedly, this is an enjoyable experience we should never miss only in ISMILE Bandung!

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