Chinese New Year: Celebrating Family and Togetherness


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“Xi Nian Kuai Le! Gong Xi Fa Cai!”, shouted the children during their performance in our Chinese New Year Celebration last February 7. Led by four of our selected K2 students as program emcees, and assisted by our Mandarin teachers, each class were presented to showcase their interpretation of Chinese’ modern and traditional dances. A short drama about “The story of Nian” – together with Barongsai was performed by the K2A children. The activity was concluded by a performance of the combined K1 & K2 children who presented their skills in rhythm and tempo by playing drums. The closing remarks was given by Miss Pipi. Children at the end of the program sang and danced to the music, “Xue Mao Jiao”. Parents gave out angpao as a symbol of ‘sharing the blessings,’ and celebrating family and togetherness. Through this event, we wish everybody to have abundance of blessings for 2020.

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