Unique Way of Celebrating Animal Appreciation Day


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To show our love and appreciation for animals, ISMILE celebrated an Animal Appreciation Day last February 21, 2020. This year, the school celebrated the event in a unique way. Each class was assigned to make an animal habitat based on their classification such as: mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds, insects, or nocturnal animals. This activity was a collaborative work between the children and the teachers as they planned together on how to make their habitat interesting and educational.

Each habitat was displayed in the hall for exhibits and it was filled with awe and joy of the children when they saw the product of their hard work. Children were so amazed as they looked at the nocturnal animals of the Infant and Toddler classes. The fun and excitement became more intense when they saw some insects displayed by Nursery 1 classes. Live beetles gave more fun to the children looking at the display of the N1 C. Children became more curious as they took a look at the preserved insects inside the jars. Swan, eagle, stork and other kinds of Birds of both N2 A and B made the learners think about of how these beautiful creatures look while their wings are spread as they fly high in the sky. If some children are wondering how the birds fly in the sky, other children also wonder if how the reptiles of K1 A live in land. Jumping frogs of K1 B gave laughter to the kids as they showcased the amphibians. Giggles were heard as they touched and hold the 2 tiny frogs. Different habitat of mammals were showcased by both K2 A and B.

Animal Appreciation Day became a fruitful moment not only to the children and the teachers but also to the parents as they get to see the hard work of their children which shows their knowledge of the subject matter and their creative skills as well. Learning about animals help the children understand how humans and animals benefit from one another in the ecosystem.

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