Can you teach love?


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This Weeks's Verse:
Love your neighbor.
Matthew 22:39
Is it necessary to teach children how to love? Even the most loving kids can learn new skills that express love. Here's a fun way we pratice apologies and sharing. At bedtime, I model with two stuffed animals, making them fight over a toy. I use silly voices for each character. Then one says, "I'm sorry" and the other says, I forgive you." Both animals hug and say, " I love you," and share the toy. Then i give one animal to my child and we act out the story again. (My kids love the silly voices!)
Try This :
Sometimes when i purchase a small item in the store for my kids, I ask them to pick out something additional that they can give to someone else. I let them decide who to give it and make arrangements for them to give it away. I say, When we love someone, we think about doing things that make them happy.

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