A Glipmse of the Future


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The graduation celebration is an exciting time anticipated by most children. This is the time they share memories and dreams with their friends and teachers. As they grew up learning about the world and people doing new and exciting things, children are motivated to dream big dreams. When they were asked of the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Children blurted out various professions based on their observations, experiences, and wishes. Many inspiring thoughts were spoken by the children when they were asked, “Why?”

To experience what it is really like wearing the outfit of their dream career, the children dressed up for a photoshoot. Gladness combined with excitement was seen on their faces as they posed at the school garden wearing outfits and props to portray the profession they wanted to be as a soldier, doctors, dancers, make –up artists scientists, engineers and many more.

Since kindergarten graduation is a significant event in the life of graduating children and their families, a “family photoshoot” is another essential activity for the graduation preparation. The family photoshoot was taken in the school library. The photoshoot is meticulously done seeing children’s faces as they posed wearing their vibrant outfits.

Preparing the children for their graduation is so rewarding since it kindles hope and determination among young learners, prompting actions to embark on their journey towards achieving their dreams. Thus, graduation itself is truly a remarkable academic milestone for every young soul.

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