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As we conclude our project about Ice Cream, children had fun during their last activities on their favorite topic. First, they had a chance to have a painting activity on ice cream - some created scoop in patterns and some stick on using the primary colors. It also gave them an opportunity to show their control and how to hold their brush. Another fun art activity was coloring and pasting decorations on their ice cream which highlighted their fine-motor skills namely coloring with control and in one direction plus manipulating their glue. It was indeed a fun journey with Ice cream that never fails to make each child excited and happy anything about it.

As K1A continues our project work about cats, we have invited Pak Ade, our very talented school guard last March 13 to do a painting activity with the children. Using a canvas, paintbrushes and some acrylic paints, the youngsters learned to draw and paint a cat as part of their class project work. While learning more about this favorite pet animal, it is great to enhance their art skills as well.

K1B has been actively thinking of ways on how to reduce usage of plastic in people’s daily lives. The children at a very young age are very much aware that single use plastic have a big chance of ending up in the ocean which will eventually kill ocean animals. As part of K1B’s Save the Ocean Project, the class came up with the idea of MAKING THE SWITCH. What does this mean? Making the switch means looking for alternatives for single use plastic objects that are commonly used like plastic straws and plastic bags. In the previous weeks, the children have been decorating their own canvass bags which is a great alternative for plastic bags in markets and groceries. The class has also been making signage and posters that will help them campaign for their advocacy. May K1B students be given more opportunities to share with others their advocacy of caring for the ocean and its animals.

K2A mommies, and even one big brother, stepped up to help K2A kids learn more about mushrooms! Ms. Stef and Koko Adriel shared mushroom facts in an interactive and hands-on way, letting the children explore over 5 different types of mushrooms! Ms. Stef and Ms. Grace then embarked on a mushroom growing experiment with the kids using wet toilet paper, some mushroom rooms, and an enclosed container. Lastly, and this is undoubtedly the kids' favorite, is cooking crispy mushrooms! Ms. Mary and Ms. Leny taught the kids how to make crispy mushroom, everything from making the batter to frying! It was a hit! The kids could not get enough of the mushrooms and there were even requests for take away!

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