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For this month, our school’s character focus is all about helpfulness. Books and texts will not be enough to teach this kind of character. Especially with children, they always need to see with their own eyes so they can imitate it. That is why in ISMILE, multiple practices in different classes and levels are done everyday to build up helpfulness within children. Teachers create opportunities to nurture helpfulness in each child too. First, teachers model cooperation and helpfulness during village play or outdoor play time. When children are in conflict or disagreement, as adults in school, we try to explain to the children how kind and helpful behaviors affect others. Teachers also assign joint tasks to each child and offer incentives or rewards for working together like when they tidy up their toys or their food after eating. Lastly, it is very essential to acknowledge your children's helpfulness and praise them for it, especially in the presence of others. In that way, they will feel happy and satisfied to accomplish what they have done.

Being helpful is not that difficult, all we have to remember is to always be ready to offer a hand.

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