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This Weeks's Verse:
Whatever you do, do your work for the Lord.
See Colossians 3:23
it can be frustating when your child ignores you or just acts silly when you've asked him or her to do something. Sometimes my child just needs a little help getting started. To share the work and make it more manageable, you might race to pick up toys or move like robots, or sing a song while working.
When you're finished, say, God wants you to do your work like you are working for Him. I think He is pleased with how you worked to clean up.
Try This :
I look for wayds to encourage persistence with a task by noticing when my child colors or plays blocks for an extended period of time ( how long varies for each child depending on age and abilities). After a time, I say, You stayed focused on your activity and for a long time. Good job!
Donna Lucas
Publishing Director
Mother of Three

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