COVID-19 School Protocols and Policies


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  1. After Lebaran holiday: Regular cleaning and maintenance
  2. Two weeks prior to the start of classes: A thorough cleaning of all the toys in all classrooms and COVID19 rapid tests for all teachers and staff.
  3. Three days prior to the school opening :  A thorough cleaning and sanitizing of materials, furniture, resources, and fixtures must be done by our helpers.
  4. Two days before the start of classes: Pest control
  5. One day before the school reopens: Hara Care disinfecting services must be availed 
  6. Install disinfectant spray or use air purifiers for each classroom



  1. Staggered scheduling of arrival and dismissal of classes is required.
  2. One-adult drop-off and pick-up for all children.
  3. Nannies are not allowed to wait inside the school premise/ school lobby.  Parents who are waiting should always wear a mask and keep social distancing. 




Health Checks

  1. All health checks must be done outside the school premises. (except Bellezza)
  2. Temperature checks and monitoring must be done for all the students, teachers, staff and accompanying adults for IT or N1 classes.  Only those wearing masks and face shields are permitted to enter school premise. 
  3. Average temperature readings for children, teachers, and staff must be recorded weekly.
  4. Children must maintain physical distance using markers on the floor while waiting for their turn to be checked.
  5. A quick symptoms check must be done before the child is allowed to enter the school premises

Hygiene Practices

  1. Teachers and students must adhere to strict handwashing guidelines.
  2. Before entering the school premises, teachers' and staff's bags and shoes must be disinfected upon arrival.
  3. Hand sanitizers will be made available all around the school and in classrooms.  All must sanitize one's hands if washing with soap and water is not possible.
  4. Children's shoes and bags must be sprayed with a disinfectant spray made of a solution of water and disinfectant solution as advised by WHO .
  5. Children's and teachers' shoes must be left in front of the classroom. Everyone is required to wear socks in the classrooms.
  6. Teachers and staff should wear masks or face shields.  Avoid direct physical contact with the children.
  7. A pair of sandals must be worn for outdoor use.
  8. Parents must provide face shields and masks for their children.  This should be communicated before classes resume.
  9. Everyone is required to wash hands in the classrooms after using the common areas and before returning to the classrooms.

Wellbeing Monitoring

  1. Rapid tests will be provided for all staff and teachers two weeks before the start of classes
  2. Parents and nannies of infants and toddlers must take a rapid test before joining the classes in school.  A copy of the test results must be given to the admin personnel before they will be allowed to enter the class.
  3. Returning families from travel must fill out the travel declaration forms to provide information on their travel history before joining the classes.
  4. Government policies on home quarantine and COVID19 swab or rapid tests must be adhered to, especially for families returning to Jakarta before the resumption of classes.  A medical certificate is required before the child can be allowed to attend the classes.




  1. Markers must be placed on the floor to encourage physical distancing when waiting in line or any other activity.
  2. Minimize interaction between different classes (e.g., no cross deployment of staff, keeping staff and children within their own bays, floors, or classes as far as possible) to reduce the risk of widespread transmission.
  3. No extracurricular activities and enrichment until further notice.
  4. Snack times will be done in the classrooms.  Children must bring their own food.
  5. Classrooms must be cleaned and disinfected at the end of every session.  An hour is allotted for this in-between class sessions daily.  This prepares the room for the use of the next group of learners. 
  6. Chapel will be done per class in their respective rooms.  
  7. Manage toilet breaks and assigned cleaners to clean after every use. Remember to limit kids in the area.
  8. Teachers and admin personnel must enforce the use of face shields for the children at all times.



  1. The use of common areas must be limited to one class per day.  Common areas include the library, the hall, the piazza, ateliers, dining hall, computer lab, the gym, and the outdoor facilities.
  2. Common areas must be sanitized after every use.
  3. Markers must be installed to encourage physical distancing.
  4. Teachers and staff must always encourage physical distancing.



  1. Parents and caregivers are not allowed to gather in any area of the school.
  2. Caregivers and drivers will not be allowed to alight cars unless it is to escort or fetch a student to and from school: One-adult drop-off and pick-up policy for all children.  Parent/caregiver who drops children to health check point has to wear mask at all times.  
  3. If fetchers arrive earlier than the dismissal time of a child, they must stay inside their cars.
  4. Admin inquiries should be made via WhatsApp or the school phone.  Otherwise, parents/caregivers must inform the admin personnel if they wish to drop by the office.  This allows us to limit the number of people in the reception area, thus controlling our staff's exposure.



  1. School tours can only be conducted when there are no students in school.
  2. Trial sessions need to be scheduled in small groups in the afternoon or on Saturday, separated from regular students and after trial, room will be heavily sanitized again. 
  3. Parents must sign a liability waiver form before participating in the school trial session.
  4. Online class sessions must be scheduled after school trial sessions.



  1. Strictly no visitors allowed to enter the school.
  2. Deliveries must be received disinfected at the guard post before it can be brought inside the school premises.
  3. Unscheduled visitors must wait to be entertained until the students have been dismissed, and there are no other scheduled visitors at the reception area.



  1. All staff must wear masks, practice good hygiene, minimize interaction, and adhere to the safe distancing measures at all times. 
  2. All staff will be given a rapid test two weeks before school opening and must avoid going out to lessen exposure.  
  3. Those who will test positive with COVID19 will work from home until next test result proves negative.



  1. High traffic areas such as the toilets, entrance, reception, and admin offices must be cleaned every hour.
  2. Clean door handles and other items that are touched often. 
  3. Clean and sanitize all materials/toys in classrooms after class
  4. Spray furniture and materials with a disinfectant in between class sessions and after the school is over.   
  5. All surfaces need to be disinfected and cleaned daily.
  6. Toy baths must be provided in every room for soaking toys and materials that we put in the mouth or sneezed/coughed on.
  7. Toys that can't be easily cleaned or cleaned frequently need to be put away.
  8. Carpets and other absorbent materials must be cleaned and stored away for now.
  9. Regular updates regarding school cleaning and disinfecting must be provided for the parents to assure them that the school's safety measures are in place.

We will continue to improve the above Protocols and Policies as we learn from countries that have started to open up their schools.

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