Introduction to Project Work


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Over the past years, project work has been an integral part of ISMILE’s curriculum. Project work is an open-ended study of any topics which are relevant to be included in the educational program. Project works start when children develop and raise questions according to their particular interests. Through careful observation and analysis, each class from N2 to K2 has come up with a topic as their project work.

Let us begin with the N2 class, whose interest has been ignited by the “spiders." Children cannot get enough of their previous topic “ladybugs” and automatically get attracted by the nature of the spiders. At the moment, children are very responsive to learn and understand more about spiders.

Moving to the K1 class, these children were learning about the caterpillar in N2. Then they extended their project to butterfly. The children are eager to find out what could happen right after when a caterpillar turns into a butterfly, a topic rich in idea that the children can follow up on their curiosity.

The K2A class shows interest in one of the topics related to weather, which is “clouds.” Learning the weather itself is so much fun, let alone be the clouds. Dealing with something we can get to observe every single day of our lives can create a more satisfying result for everyone in the class.

Lastly, K2B falls into the beauty of lightning in which it is related to weather. The fact that it is something they rarely see triggers them to be more persistent in expanding their knowledge about it. Children show increasing curiosity as they correlate with the scientific information they get to learn when talking about this topic.

Project works require dedication and creativity to take full advantage of its purpose. Likewise, teachers help the children to develop a deep love of learning and understanding towards their chosen topics.

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