Routines for Kids: How and Why they work


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Last 26th of August, from 7:30 to 8:30 in the evening, the first ISMILE Preschool Instagram Live Talk Show was aired with the topic, Routines for Kids: How and Why They Work. The show was hosted by our beloved Miss Pipi, and was made engaging and enlightening by Miss Leony Atmadja, Winner of Singapore’s Best Family Blog in 2012. Miss Leony graced and thoroughly discussed the topic which enlightened the IG followers on how to make parental adjustments for a calmer, stable, and enjoyable family time during this pandemic.

The show further focused on how setting up routines at home can create a sense of stability. Miss Leony also discussed how children thrive learning from home following the set habits to promote cooperation and minimize the frustration of both parents and the child. Also, questions raised by the viewers were given attention and answered by the presenter and guest.

Lastly, Miss Leony also shared valuable tips to parents on how to make the current COVID situation a healthy opportunity for each family to experience the joy of working and earning together thus, strengthening the family bond.

This IG live event significantly enlightened its first 100+ viewers who are anticipating for Miss Dian Sastrowardoyo, the next guest of the show, with her talk about: The Wisdom of a Mom on Friday, the 4th of September at 4 PM.

“When children know the plan, they feel secure and subsequently free to concentrate. Given predictable patterns, children become more self-confident and inner-directed, leading to normalization.” - Jane M. Jacobs

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