Project Work Corner: Our Toys’ Stories (K2)


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Project work has always been a favorite amongst the children. During this e- learning period, we continue to bring the joy and fun in learning through our project work. K2C and K2D started the school year with a show and tell activity where the children from our class shared 3 of their favorite items from home. One thing that was common during their presentation was sharing a favorite toy.



Since the children like different toys, we had a virtual field trip to Heinz History Center. The tour gave the class an idea that their mommy, daddy, and grandpa played different toys when they were young.



To support this interest, the class started their first research assignment, which was to look for pictures of their parents and grandparents playing with their toys when they were 5 years old. With the help of their parents, the class excitedly shared their work in class.


Following the second show and tell activity, a video showing the history of toys coming from different countries around the world triggered their interests on the origin of toys. Hence they came up with their questions:






After reviewing their wondering questions, we had a brainstorming activity with  the aim of having a group investigation plan that will help the children in finding the answers to their own questions.



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