The Wisdom of A Mom


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ISMILE had the opportunity to spend a lovely afternoon with one amazing lady and a great mom, Ms. Dian Sastrowardoyo. As one of our former parents, it was a wonderful opportunity to have her share some thoughts and wonderful memories during her children's years in ISMILE.

Amidst her busy life as a public figure, Ms. Dian continues to practice positive parenting. Parenting has become increasingly challenging due to the pandemic that has taken over the world. This pandemic changes our lifestyle and dynamics in the household. As a mother Ms. Dian recognized that the challenge now is about balancing working from home as well as being a parent for children who are currently doing distance learning. It is essential for an adult to be present during the online classes to ensure that the children are getting the best out of the lesson. Adults at home need to support and encourage children to find any other resources that they might need. During this distance learning, all parents might feel they have this burden or additional task since they have to take on the role of an educator as well. Ms. Dian pointed out that on a more positive note, parents can look at this as a chance to spend more quality time together with their children. As their parents work from home, children are able to witness the hard work and learn to respect the meaning of “work” and responsibility, as well as exposing them to what being an adult entails. In addition, children learn about “Mutual respect” as they give the space for parents to work.

With regards to character building, Ms. Dian always tries to communicate with her children by not only asking “How’s today” but also listening and respecting the children's ideas (about games, movies, etc), no matter how silly they may sound. The opinion and thoughts of young children carry the same weight as those of adult. Valuing children’s voice can have positive impact in boosting their self-confidence. As a parent, Ms. Dian is open in exposing children to the challenges that she goes through be it at work or struggles in her further studies. In sharing this, Ms. Dian hopes to teach her child perseverance, and not giving up when life gets tough. She aims to continue inspiring her children and leading by example.

Ms. Dian stressed the importance of looking after children’s emotional health especially during this pandemic. She shares how she helps her children to talk through their emotions and learn to identify what they are feeling. It is important to help children to shift from emotional thinking to logical thinking. In this time, it is also important to develop good emotional health of our children.

Lastly, we also learned from Ms. Dian that as parents, it is our job to support children’s healthy development of how they perceive themselves. We can achieve this through sharing positive words and help them see their strength. Don’t be afraid to tell your child how proud you are of them and what they have achieved. Reward them not with material things but with words, emotional support, physical reward such as hugs and kisses. These are the things that children will remember for a long time.

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