Graduation Days


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Graduation days were held on the 29th of May and June 1st marked another testimony of the Lord's goodness and faithfulness to ISMILE Bandung family as we all celebrated the kids, parents, teachers and staff for their hard work and dedication for the entire Academic Year 2020-2021. This years' Graduation theme was, "Bold and Boundless: The Adventures Of The Young Explorers."

The Covid-19 has a dramatic effect in our lives, especially in the lives of our K2 children. A term of online learning has been extended into a year. However, our children together with their parents remain resilient in these trying times. The turn of events did not stop the teachers to teach and the children to learn. Moreover, this new learning experience brought more excitement and challenges while they are learning away from school. The online activities were more interactive and engaging. Children didn't feel the needs for these activities to be done in school in particular. One of our K2 highlights was our project work. As a teacher, I am very grateful that despite of the hindrances we are facing we were still able to accomplish it together with the very supportive parents and it made us all realized that in working together, everything is possible.

We hope that as we all look back to ISMILE Graduation Day 2021, we will not only remember all the challenges that we all went through; but instead, may it be a year where we all remember the learning adventures that we had and the special bond and memories we all created together.

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