Virtual Parents Orientation Day


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At ISMILE, we value the significant role of parents and teachers in children's development. It is through their efforts and shared responsibilities that the children are able to grow and learn.

A strong partnership between each family and the school promotes a better learning condition for every child. The ongoing challenges of online learning among our children calls for both the teachers and parents to work hand in hand in order to support and help them to look forward to their learning experience every day.

To strengthen the partnership among parents and teachers, the first virtual Parents' Orientation Day (POD) of this new Academic Year 2021-2022 was held last 16th of July. The POD started by welcoming the parents and the introduction of all the teachers as their partners for the new Academic Year. To clearly inform them on how the classes will be delivered and to focus effectively on the respective class concerns, the parents joined the breakout sessions conducted per class level. The level discussions were focused on the modified benchmarks, schedules, project work, school activities, class parent, and parent volunteers. It was also during this time that the parents were able to discuss with their child's respective teachers about their school concerns.

Lastly, we would like to extend our heart-felt and sincere gratitude to all of the ISMILE Bandung parents for their trust and never ending support to the school. The open communication and mutual respect that we all share is always the reason why we were able to continuously make each years' learning experiences for our children a memorable one.

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