Accreditation: The Potrait of ISMILE Bandung


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At the end of July 2021, ISMILE Bandung joined the first virtual accreditation with more than 100 other schools in West Java. The aim for this accreditation was to portrait the school's quality and the standards from the government for early childhood education.

We were able to prove to them that our curriculum is already in line with the government's curriculum for Early Childhood Education and they were amazed that our environment can be the third teacher for the children to learn. Not only that, the assessors were happy to see the way children learn and the relationship between teachers, children, and parents. They saw that ISMILE Bandung can build a small community which main focus is on the children's learning.

The assessors interviewed not only the teachers but also the parents. We were glad to have Mrs. Lisa (Parent of Brandon and Bradley) and Mrs. Yuli (Parent of Kayra) give their testimonies. They shared the same vision as of our school.

In conclusion, the assessors gave us a go signal to continue to the next stage of accreditation without notes. They hope that ISMILE Bandung. can share the knowledge and experience with other schools by giving at training for the other teachers and it could be one of the school's benefit as well.

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