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Field trips are the highlight of the Academic Year for most kids. Despite the fact that we cannot travel like we used to now, we are all grateful that virtually, we can still provide fun experiences and very rich learning to our children.

Last September 17, our virtual travelers from Toddler Class under Teacher

went to the Zoo in Surabaya where they saw lots of different animals such as monkeys, giraffes, and tigers.  The toddlers showed their excitement and curiosity as they try to look and point to the animals that they saw on their screen. The teachers and parents were glad that these toddlers had fun and learned a lot from their very first educational virtual tour.


Meanwhile, the Nursery 1 also went to Kebun Binatang Surabaya. Even though they all did not get a chance to actually go there, they experienced that the virtual tour was just as much fun as  they still witnessed the animals up close, and observed how the zoo keepers fed them.

Our Nursery 2 kids and their teachers, went to see the beaches in Bali! They saw people doing various things at the beach such as people surfing, children making sand castles, and they all noticed that there were lots of dogs at the beach too! After their virtual tour in Bali, the children made their own mini beach at home. They built sandcastles and some of our friends in class even went swimming. Everyone had lots of fun in the sun on that day!

The Kindergarten had a TOONtastic day in the Happiest Place on Earth- Disneyland in California where they met their favorite Disney cartoon characters. All the kids were geared up with their Disney- themed outfits, as the class started the day with the Disney Parade. They also met Mickey Mouse and friends where they were able to say hello and take a picture with them. Fun- filled activities were prepared for the kids as well that commemorated their Disneyland experience. Amidst the virtual exploration, the children’s eyes sparkled and laughed with joy as they made memorable memories living in the new normal.

The Dinosaur Adventure was the most awaited day of Kindergarten as they will finally meet and see their most favorite animals on Earth- Dinosaurs!  The class started their Dinosaur Adventure in the Dino hall of Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County were all eyes glued on the screen as they see all the dinosaur fossils around the museum. They even took pictures of their favorite dinosaurs. To summarize the Dino Hall Tour, the class had a Dino hall scavenger hunt where they identified and find the correct dinosaurs asked. The class continued the ROARsome day by going to the Jurassic World Exhibition where they saw the laboratories with dinosaur eggs and babies too. Lastly, what is a Dino Adventure without a splashy Jurassic World Ride! Everyone was ecstatic to see moving dinosaurs from herbivores to raptors. It was a great adventure despite the virtual expedition.

Kindergarten 1C kids flew to one of the Hawaiian Volcanoes, and had a look inside the Nahuku Lava Tube. This destination was based on the children’s interests on volcanoes and lava. They explored the Hawaiian Volcanoes with an audio tour guide, and also watched and flew over real erupting volcanoes. It was virtually mesmerizing, but of course they had to create their own volcanoes! They even decorated their handmade volcanoes with toy dinosaurs. The children had so much fun as they observed different ways lava can erupt or ooze through. They also watched a video explanation of what a lava and learned a fun fact about Hawaii! They found out the islands in Hawaii were all built from volcanoes! At the end of their virtual fieldtrip, the children decided to explore other volcanoes all around the world- what a better opportunity than getting to know the volcanoes we have like in Krakatau, Indonesia.

Likewise, the Kindergarten 2 also visited the happiest place on Earth! The whole experience was surreal and perfect for these children as they moved from one attraction to another particularly in Fantasyland. The teachers believed that despite the current situation, this virtual fieldtrip is very timely in providing an interactive experience to the children as they brought themselves into the fairy tales. The Fantasyland offers live entertainment that every child will definitely remember and will treasure in their hearts from the bright lights, realistic sounds, and of course the silly characters. The opening parade didn't fail to get their attention and the closing fireworks display completed the whole magical experience for everyone present in the class.

Lastly, the Kindergarten 2 went on an exciting adventure as they visited SeaWorld Orlando for their first virtual field trip this academic year. The class got to know more about different ocean animals, rode virtual roller coaster rides, watched sea lions and orca whale shows, swam virtually with dolphins, stingrays, and beluga whales, and partied with the cast of Sesame Street to wrap up the trip. To end the virtual session, the class painted a recyclable canvas bag to campaign for a single use plastic free world. The whole class had an amazing time venturing to a new place and is already looking forward to the next field trip!

Our virtual field trips for each class was indeed a success. It allowed our children to replicate the field trip experience- travel the world and learn together.

True enough, the opportunities for virtual learning are endless! 

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