Spectrum Of My Imagination


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Before term 1 ends, ISMILE Bandung took the children for a virtual field trip into the art gallery. This field trip aimed to stimulate children's imagination and work with their creativity. Also, they were able to meet five famous artists who were Vincent Van Gogh, Yayoi Kusama, Jackson Pollock Piet Mondrian and Leng Jun. Each of them has his/her own way of igniting someone's interest with the various concepts they used with their arts.

Yang Laoshi acquainted everyone of Leng Jun, a Chinese artist known for his drawing of “yu” (fish). The visual of the fish symbolizes abundance and prosperity in Chinese art. The children were able to draw “yu” (fish) and having them in different sizes and colors made it more exciting and fun for them.

The teacher presented another Dutch artist, Piet Mondrian. The Children enjoyed exploring their art with the user of only red, yellow and blue colors while swaying their heads with the boogie woogie dance of Mondrian. He is known for using primary colors and geometric lines as his technique.

Yayoi Kusama also known as “The Princess of Polka dots”. The children were given the freedom to point their desired objects as long as they have one thing in common the DOTS.

The life story of Dutch artist was shared by the teacher. The Children were engaged as they followed every step given by the teacher until they finally created by their own masterpiece and showed their empathy as they learned the artist’s background story.

Jackson Pollock is an American artist who is best known for the drip technique and he was introduced by the teacher. The children enjoyed pouring and splashing the paint onto their drawing paper to form an abstract painting. This Pollock inspired splatter painting gave fun to the children as they were able to freely express their own imagination and creativity.


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