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Dear Parents,

Welcome to the new academic year 2022-2023! At last, we will be with your children in the real classroom this time. After a few years of having online classes, we are now back onsite. I am excited to see the kids with their backpacks walking to their classrooms, greeting the teachers in the hallway, talking to their friends, running in the playground, splashing water in the garden, and doing countless activities they enjoy. The giggles and the laughter, even the cry of the child going to school for the first time is music to my ears. Our quiet space will become colorful and alive again!

Along with this feeling of delight is the reminder of the existence of Covid 19. Our school wants to keep everybody healthy that is why we have set a strict health protocol for all of us to follow. We do have to wear mask at all times, we have to wash our hands regularly and thoroughly, do physical distancing and staying home when sick. All this will be discussed during the Parents Orientation. We really value your cooperation in this matter.

I am feeling positive and looking forward to a productive collaboration with you to ensure that your children will achieve their highest potential. A strong partnership with parents always proves to be successful and always makes a difference in children’s education. On board is a strong line up of qualified and experienced teachers. They are creative, passionate and display love for learning. As partners, we share responsibilities for our children’s achievement and we want you to know that we will do our best to educate and support the children in this learning journey.

Thank you and let the magical adventure begin!

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