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Everyone, especially kids, deserves a great summer. To keep the children busy during the long holiday, ISMILE Bandung provided fun activities and several exciting games. At the summer program, children got to engage in creative learning activities like outdoor summer fun, nature play, science and arts & crafts.

In the first week, ISMILE Bandung prepared an outdoor experience where children got the opportunity to explore our garden. Children learned how to tie dye shirts, they made a fairy house and even had a treasure hunt. Aside from exploring the garden, children also got to practice their gross motor skills with exercises such as Zumba, mindfulness Yoga, and an obstacle race too!

On the last day of the first week, it was a sunny day, which was perfect for camping in the garden. They built a tent from scratch by collecting fabric, strings, and sticks, and tried out grilling sausages, s'more, and corn. Before they went home, they helped the teachers pack their food so they could bring it home.

The second week of the summer program focused on science and craft. This consisted of a variety of interactive programs that include hands-on experiments and crafting to gain their fine motoric skills. Children not only got to play, create, investigate and explore but also got to go home with the knowledge of all science process skills. We prepared them with experiment activities including a DIY solar oven, easy slime making, paper clay bowl, and exploding lunch bag and they made different art and craft activities each day.

During our summer program, children were able to develop new skills through engaging in creative activities and sensory opportunities. They got dirty and messy and they had fun doing all things they love to do.

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