Teachers Training


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Since it served as an informative session to equip the teachers with the knowledge needed for them to teach with the same goals and philosophy in mind. The administrators and management also prepared a surprise for all its faculty and staff who have served the school for 5 and more years. They were given a plaque and tokens of appreciation from Ms. Mei and Ms. Pipi. Of course, the new members of the school were also given a token as a welcome gift to the ISMILE family.

This July 11-13, the teachers of ISMILE and IShine came together in Jakarta for Teacher Training. This is an annual event where teachers from all the centers gather together to train and prepare for the coming school year. The first day focused on the philosophy and background of the school. It was an enlightening experience for the teachers -especially the new ones

This was a great experience for the teachers from all the centers to meet and learn from one another. It was a memorable experience which brought the members of the ISMILE community closer to one another.

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