Graduation Message


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It has been a joy teaching all of you this school year. You have successfully hurdled this academic year with determination and perseverance, despite the challenging situation. It was smooth sailing and it was indeed a memorable journey for everyone. To our beloved friends, congratulations. All of you are amazing.

In our time together. you learned what it means to be a friend, by helping out and supporting one another. We have watched you grow and learn.

We like how you wait for your turn, how you say "excuse me Ms. may I speak?", and how you sing and dance. Every day with you has been an adventure and we will cherish those memories forever.

We were so glad we were your teachers. Remember all the fun we had in all the things we did. We know that at some point, we may fade from your memories, but we are sure that when our paths cross again, we will remember the good times that we have made together.

Graduation does not mean the end of hard work. It just means that you are ready to face the next adventure in your life. You are going up to the next level where more adventures, experiences, and learnings are waiting for you.

Remember to always work hard and never give up. Believe in your dreams and keep making good choices. Good luck and congratulations! We will surely miss you.

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