Parents Orientation Day


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Entering the new academic year, we welcomed the parents with the virtual Parents Orientation Day Meeting on Thursday, July 21st, 2022.

In this virtual POD, the School Coordinator, introduced the latest protocols of the school, starting from the Health Protocols, Arrival and Dismissal Protocols, and School Administration Protocols.

The faculty and staff of the academic year were also introduced.

The teaching profiles of the new teachers were shown to the parents to familiarize themselves with their child's level teacher and teacher assistant.

A Question and Answer portion concluded the main session of the POD. Concerns that had to do with the protocols, announcements and Mandarin class were addressed.

After the Q&A portion ended, all the parents were invited to join their child's class level POD Meeting, where they met their level teachers and advisers.

In this meeting, the classroom teacher and the teacher assistant introduced themselves. Level-specific concerns like the schedule of the classes, level benchmarks, and uniform schedule were discussed in each level zoom meeting.

The school is delighted with the parents' enthusiasm during the Q&A session. We hope that this POD Meeting is the start of a good parent-teacher collaboration this academic year. We hope to see all the children bloom by the end of this school year as the result of our solid cooperation.

Thank you, dear Parents

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