Where in the wild


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For the first week of school, K2 children showed great interest in learning about different animals. One of the books that we read in class was "Where in the Wild" by Johnny Lambert. It talked about the different animal habitats as well as habitat destruction. The children asked lots of questions regarding the subject like "what is habitat?", "why are the homes of the animals broken?", "why are people breaking the homes of animals" and many more. These questions showed the different interests of the children. All of which will be given emphasis for Project Work. Details about this topic will be discussed progressively in the coming weeks.

With this, the K2 children learned more about their interests through different activities and learning styles. In Language class, the children read and discussed the book "Where in the Wild". In Math, K2 played Scavenger Hunt then sorted Jungle Animals from the Ocean Animals. For Music and Movement, the children sang and danced along the song "Walking in the Jungle". They also acted out the different animal movements through a story taken from Twinkl entitled "Let's Explore the Jungle". For Science, the children saved the animals from being frozen by melting it. Each child tried different ways like spraying it with water, putting it under the sun, poking the ice with chopsticks, and breaking the ice using blocks. For the additional provocation, the class had a sensory bin with sand and jungle animal toys.

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