N1: Children’s Journey


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The first week in Nursery 1 is filled with excitement and a bit of anxiousness about entering the new environment, getting to know the teachers and making new friends. But by the end of the week, they were all more comfortable and started to adjust well.

This week the children started to know the class routine from their arrival until dismissal time. It will help them to feel at ease in joining the class activities. In the morning during Circle Time, they were excited to follow the music and the movements. We were using the attendance to let them know their names and their friends' names.

The children were exploring Jolly Phonics sound of letter "s" for Language this week. They were exposed to objects that start with the sound of the letter "s". The children were excited when they traced the letter "s" with strawberry jam and painted a stone.

In Math this week, they were introduced to days of the Week and the weather of the day. The children were learning the rote counting 1-3, the primary color of red, and the concept of full and empty.

The children were also exploring the red color to trace and paint letter "s" during our Art. In Science time we were dancing with the song "Head, Shoulder, Knees and Toes" to let them know the parts of their body.

This week has been a great adjustment not only for the children and parents but also for the teachers. We can not wait to have more adventures with you all next week.

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