Toddler A: Children’s Journey


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Our first week in toddler class was wonderful. Some children were quite nervous at the beginning, but it didn't last for long. They took their time to observe the environment, their other friends, and also the teachers. We let the children explore every corner of the class. Some were engaged in sensory materials like playdough, sunflower seeds, and bread crumbs. Some of them also enjoyed stacking the blocks, playing with animal dolls, and pretending to cook.

As they were getting more comfortable with their surroundings, it was easier for them to catch instructions during activities. We also have seen them smiling and giggling a lot when they were learning something new like putting fruit loops onto the pipe cleaners, or when they were observing the bouncing water beads.

Thanks to Mommy and Nanny, who always participate in encouraging their children, so we can have this kind of joyfulness in class. Good job everyone, and many more fun weeks to go!

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