Children's Week


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From October 24 to October 27, ISMILE Bandung had Children's Week that we celebrate once a year. In order to make the event special to the children, we chose 'family' as the theme of our activities. We had different highlights each day and we held a miniexhibition throughout the week. On the first day, all the children brought their Home Sweet Home: Diorama Project that they made with their families during the weekend. A week before, we asked them to collect the recycled materials and any loose parts at their home so that they can turn them into a miniature version of their favorite spot at home. Each class did a show and tell activity to share the process and the story behind their artwork.
On the second day, we already put all the dioramas in the lobby and we held an exhibition where families could visit the school and see all the kids' artwork. It was such a wonderful sight to see all the unique dioramas!
For the next activities, we had the family portrait making. Each class did their own version of the portrait making such as decorating the photo frame, drawing the family members, and using tessellations to design their family portraits. We also had the opportunity to make a gift for the parents on the next session. The Toddler students decorated the plant pots, Ni students made hand bouquets, N2 students made lanterns, K1 students made the pendants, and K2 students made the paper mache bowls for their parents. To show their love even more, we also asked them to come to school dressed up as their parents.
Another exciting activity was the cooking and food preparation activities! Since all the classes had their assigned countries for their performance on UN Day, we tried to make a dish that represented each country, such as Fuyunghai from China, Curry Canai Bread from India, Ham & Cheese Croquettes from Spain, Kimbap from Korea, Sausage Stovies from Scotland, and Hawaiian Sandwich from Hawaii. Throughout the week, we could see how the children were extra excited since the activities were related to their families. It has been a memorable and meaningful week for the children, parents, and the teachers too! We would like to thank the parents as well for their help and participation during the children's week. Hope the celebration can strengthen our bonds with each other!


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