United Nations Day


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At the end of Children’s Week, we celebrated United Nations Day on October 28. On that day, the students wore traditional clothes from different countries such as China, India, Spain, South Korea, Hawaii, and Scotland. We introduced the idea of multiculturalism to the students as an ideal that we can all live together with peace and respect with everyone’s nationality and culture.

This event is the most anticipated day for the week because it would be the first time since the pandemic that the students will be able to perform face to face, with the parents as their audience. In the morning, all the students and teachers gathered in the hall to start the ceremony of our United Nations Day event. The opening was led by Ms. Bea, the host of the event. Next, the students had their parade where they marched and showed their costumes as they sang along to “It’s a Small World”.

The first performers were the youngest family members of ISMILE Bandung, the Infant and Toddler Class. They represented China and danced along to Xiao Xing Xing and Hokey Pokey Chinese Version.

Next, we got a glimpse of India when our Nursey 1 class danced to the famous Bole Chudiyan song. They wore Sari for girls and Sherwani for boys as their Indian traditional clothes.

Nursery 2 was the third performer and they represented Spain. They danced along to the energetic song Bamboleo which perfectly captures the vibrant energy of Spain.

Moving back to Asia, we had Kindergarten 1 Class who represented South Korea. They performed Bhuchaechum or traditional fan dance, accompanied by Arirang song. To represent the state of Hawaii was Kindergarten 2 – A. They began the performance by greeting the audience, “Aloha!”. It was so beautiful to see them hula in their grass skirts and floral leighs.

Last to perform was Kindergarten 2-B, who represented the beautiful and green country of Scotland. They wore their kilts and performed Ceilidh, a dance that is usually shown in a party and other events. It was such a fun experience to see our students give their best on this day. The parents especially were so happy to watch their children’s performances. Thank you parents and students for coming and participating in our event!


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