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Infant and Toddler

The start of term was truly an exciting time for all the children, as it also marked the move of the ISMILE school from Bellezza to Permata Hijau. The new school meant a new space for the children to explore On their first day of Term 2, the children visited and explored their new playground, gym, and classroom. They seemed so happy to have a new space meant for discovery and exploration.

Nursery 1A & Nursery 1B

The first week for N1 class was full of exploration as they got to know the new school environment. The children were able to play more outdoors and even have snack time outdoors with the other classes. N1 surely loved the playground, with the new sand pit and pond area.

Nursery 2A

As the new term started, the N2A students also moved into their new classroom in their new school. They were all so thrilled to explore the new corners of the school. The first week in the new environment was exciting for the children as well as the teachers. Everyone is looking forward to the days to come in the new ISMILE Permata Hijau!

Nursery 2B

After the term break, all N2B students were excited to enjoy the new school environment. They were so thrilled with their new class and meeting their friends after a short break. There were many spaces to explore and many things to play with, these made them look forward to the next days to come. Another activity that they seemed to enjoy the most was snack time. They ate together while enjoying the beautiful outdoor scenery.

Kindergarten 1A

K1A had a wonderful experience in their first week of school in the new center. They all agreed that this school is much better than the previous one. They were surprised by the outdoor playground and small pond, and they can't wait to see the turtles back. They also had their first chapel experience where they led the recitation of our October character focus - Obedience and Bible verse, Ephesians 6:1, "Children, obey your parents in the Lord for this right."

Kindergarten 1B

The first week of class was surely full of fun and filled with anticipation for the K1B as they entered the new term in their new school. All the children were so eager to see each corner of the new school as they toured around. As it was the first week, the class was given activities that made their first week back to school meaningful and fun for them to get back on their routines.

Kindergarten 2

The class welcomed Term 2 in the new building and the children were very excited to look around and see the design of the new school. K2 children were very happy as they spent a few minutes in the playground first before going to their classroom. Children were even more impressed as they went up to the second floor and saw their big classroom. All the K2 children agreed that the new building is very spacious and beautiful.

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