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Last October 15, ISMILE opened its door for another Open House. It was held simultaneously online and on-site at Jl. Limo. We had 18 parents and guests on-site, who enjoyed the tour around the school's facilities. Children were so excited when they explored the different areas of the school. They had a blast when they played outdoors and it was evident that they felt so comfortable with the place that they wanted to stay longer and refused to go home when it was time to leave. I am sure parents, guests and children alike were all pleased with the school. Most parents took time and sat down with teachers or an administrative officer to learn more about the school, its curriculum, culture and fees. At the end of the day, there were 10 new student enrollees, some to join us this term and some to join in the next academic year. We are looking forward to welcoming them on their first day in ISMILE.

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