ISMILE Family of Schools' New Mission And Vision Statement


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A commitment to the future

“Allow the child to be authentic, to move, to feel the way they move, appreciating them for what they are.” - Magda Gerber 

The ISMILE Family of Schools has a time-honored tradition and a mission of educating the whole child. This year, we recommit to that endeavor with our revised Mission and Vision Statement:

At ISMILE, we partner with parents so that all children progress beyond expectations, develop holistically with positive character values and a deep love for learning, while acquiring the skills essential to thrive in the 21st century.

We are known for providing a caring and supportive environment where children learn and thrive. The partnership that exists between the dedicated teaching staff and families are evident and continue to play a significant role in advocating the rights of every child that walks through the door of all ISMILE schools. We renew our commitment to this culture by strengthening our connections to ensure the best education for our children. We invite you to see the child through our lenses, where we see a masterpiece that is remarkably and wonderfully made. A child who is strong and capable constructor of his own learning.

“Children need the freedom to appreciate the infinite resources of their hands, their eyes, and their ears, the resources of forms, materials, sounds and colors" - 

They will be crafted in separate sessions and honed integrated into the various projects throughout the year. Children will not only go above and beyond acquiring the academic skills because the process of project work will support them to become innovators who are questioning, observing, networking, experimenting, and practicing critical and associational thinking.

A change in the way the learning spaces are set is, therefore, is necessary to support this endeavor. My own journey, the environments in the Reggio Schools in Italy, as well as the set up in Bold Park Community School and Educated by The pivotal moment for us was when we started to see the child not only with a network of needs that must be met, but someone who has rights and who deserves to be heard and respected. It changed the ballgame for us and motivated us to respond differently.

You will find that our curriculum maintains the same international standards and contains the same academic goals. While academic skills are absolutely necessary, I feel that they are far from enough. Experience has shown me that the most amazing things happen when the teacher takes a more supportive or facilitative role and allows the child to take the wheel, to steer the course of learning with curiosity as his fuel.

This year, we put more premium on time. Children must not be interrupted while they are exploring and learning. While timetables and class flows remain in our list of practices, they will not be in the way of a child’s development.

Our focus is always to provide each child with new challenges that will result in rewarding school experience. Academic pursuits on the core content areas of language arts, science, and math will remain one of our priorities as well as instruction in the arts, technology, and physical education.

Nature in Perth, Australia has shown me that a wide range of learning invitations not only develop existing skills but also open endless possibilities and spark new interests in children. Our teachers will provide the learning invitations, but our children will ultimately transform the learning spaces to reveal what they are interested in and what they are engaged with at specific periods of the term.

During the course of this academic year, it is my hope that we shall strengthen our connections and provide the best possible opportunities for our children. Let us render them ready to master the challenges of the 21st Century!

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