Infant Toddler Culminating Activity: Ray of Lights


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The Infant-Toddler children enjoyed exploring the monthlong theme, Ray of Light. They had several activities encouraging them to explore all about light and things that sparkle. Some of the activities which they had were finding the animal with the torchlights, building of towers on the light table using colored cups and driving of cars on the tube light road.

During the culminating activity of the theme, which was hold last October 26 to 28, the children came to school in their sparkly outfit, made some space bugs with the galaxy dough and glitzy fuzzy wires.

They also made suncatchers, and built a Safari-scape on the light table. They also watched and listened to nursery rhymes liko Twinkle-Twinkle Little Wincy Star and Incy Spider on the Shadow Stage. It was a bright and glitzy day for the Infant and Toddler children!


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