Children's Week Celebration


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Every year, Children's Week is celebrated to honor all children worldwide. In ISMILE Permata Hijau, we celebrated the Children's Week for four days following a daily theme and with a variety of events. The children enjoyed different activities like storytelling, show and tell, games, sports, Zumba, yoga, modeling, dessert-making, construction, and a pajama party. We also opened our doors to parent volunteers and resource speakers, who shared their time and knowledge.

This celebration began with the Book Character Day, when children went to school dressed up as their favorite book characters. They giggled gleefully watching the teachers' presentation of book characters and happily guessed which book characters the teachers were dressed as.

The second theme was Sports Day, when children participated in a variety of activities and games. On this day, the children creatively made medals and enthusiastically played soccer. In addition to these, they did Zumba in their classrooms, and enjoyed yoga in the Atelier. They also had a blast with Mr. Octa's the Floor-is-Lava themed obstacle course, which they completed with all their courage and strength.

The third theme was Career Day, when kids went to school dressed in what they wanted to be when they grow up. The Nl and N2 classes got to know Ms. Audrey, an architect, and Dr. Agnes, a dentist. They learned how to take care of their teeth and the value of consuming tooth-friendly foods from Dr. Agnes. In addition to learning about how to care for their teeth, Ms. Audrey gave the children the chance to practice being an architect by having them construct something out of blocks. On the other hand, Kl and K2 met Ms. Astrid, a professional model and Chef Ly Laoshi, a foodie enthusiast. Ms. Astrid taught the children how to model and gave the children the opportunity to demonstrate their runway walk. While in cooking class, they had the opportunity to make chocolate cornflakes with the assistance of Chef Ly Laoshi.

The fourth and final theme was Movie Day, in which the children came to school in their pajamas. They brought their pillows and favorite stuffed toys, comfortably watched a movie with their friends in the classroom and had an exciting picnic in the playground where they grilled marshmallows and corn.

It was indeed a week dedicated to celebrating children, to promoting the Rights of the Child as proclaimed by the United Nations in 1954, and to remind us of our responsibility to advocate for children as citizens.

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