Spending quality time with your child


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Bond & Connect with your son or daughter 

Not all Parents have time for endless afternoons with your child/children. Moments with your child are precious, focus on turning those special moments into memorable ones. Parents who work can still connect and bond with your child in a meaningful way. Giving your child your full attention is the key to quality time with your son or daughter. We must find ways to let our children know that we love and care for them. Avoid getting distracted by the beckoning of social media, the numerous mob apps or the lure of the marketeers around. Integrate quality time into your daily routine, schedule quality time for your child...

Hugs and more hugs : Hugs make your child feel loved, special and cared for. Hugs brings laughter and lifts them away from an anxious moment. 

One-on-one time : Do something together that you both enjoy doing. have a 'date' with your child so that the 'one-to-one' time is something really special for you both - a movie, a lunch date, anything that could be your child's choice. 

Mobile free car rides: Put away your cell phone away and just chat with your child during your car rides, just about anything. 

Odd jobs and chores: Children love to help around the house so make sure you involve them in small jobs that are age appropriate.

Hobby routine: Spending time together working on a hobby is a great way to bond. It could be something as simple as playing jigsaw puzzles, solving crosswords, going on walks, gardening or trying to do some artwork together.

Mealtimes: A great opportunity for the entire family to spend time together, meaningfully. Try and make eating at least one meal a day together a must. This gives children an opportunity to tell you if something went wrong, or share their experiences.

Be available: Be availabe to your children any time, be just a phone call away.

Be Silly : Tickling, giggling and getting your child to laugh with your words, a knock-knock joke or a simple riddle will help!

Read a Book Together : Read a favourite book together, a fun 10 mins with your child makes you bond further and instill 'the love of reading'.

Listen at Bedtime

Dim the lights at bedtime and listen to your child talk and the stories will come pouring in.

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