ISMILE's Year - End Concert 2017


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Lights permeated the entire Taman Budaya Theater as the energetic pupils, staff, teachers, and parents of ISMILEBandung performed in their Year-End Presentation entitled, "Let Your Light Shine" last June 4, 2017. Everyone felt the whole theater vibrated with the electricity of anticipation as students got themselves ready for the performance. When the program began, the energy of each performer could be felt even by the audience and parents. The whole theater was filled with resounding applause as each class swayed, jumped, danced, moved, and even pirouetted to the beat of the music. Children's and teacher's voices enveloped the theater as they beautifully sang their songs with the intent of singing for their siblings, parents, and teachers. To top the performance, each class showed a simulated classroom activity presenting a specific lesson either in Mathematics, English, and Science. Parents were delighted as they saw their children blossomed into performing young artists and eloquent speakers.

The year's concept was to foster and uphold ISMILE's 12 Character Foci: Attentiveness, Politeness, Honesty, Obedience, Joyfulness, Forgiveness, Gentleness, Thankfulness, Helpfulness, Generosity, Friendliness, and Patience. It nurtured every ISMILE child to be God fearing, loving, respectful and a caring person. During practices, friends and classmates helped each other as they remembered their dance steps, memorized lines and stationed themselves in their blocking spaces. The sounds of laughter emanated from the simple joy of knowing that they were indeed appreciated by their classmates, friends, staff, teachers and parents.

At the end of the program, children could be heard saying, "We had a great time, let's dance some more." Definitely, everyone can expect a bigger and more colorful yearend presentation for the next school year.



ISMILE Plaza Indonesia capped the year off with the annual year-end concert held at Usmar Ismail Hall, last June 3, 2017. For the first time, the infant and toddler classes were joined by the Nursery 1 students in their show entitled, Smiles Around the World. The children and their parents went on a trip around the globe with the aid of a trusty flight stewardess, Ms. Annissa. The adorable and vibrant costumes paid homage to the countries featured. Moms and dads alike gamely helped their infants and/or toddlers in their dances, while the N1s strutted on stage with much gusto.

On the other hand, the concept of the Nursery 2 to Kindergarten 2 was loosely based on the adventurous, educational storybook, My Very Own World Adventure. The premise is that the rhyming Mica the Mysterious took Indonesian siblings, Shaien and Mindy, on a whirlwind ride to various places where they were welcomed by children from around the world. Each leg of their adventure. Mindy the birthday girl, was presented with a special gift representing their country. The K2 children were at the helm as the main cast, while the younger classes represented countries such as Mexico and India for the N2s, and Africa and USA for the K1s. Other nations featured were that of China, Spain, and Japan. Costumes, songs, decor, props and performances remained faithful to the chosen country and tied together nicely to bring the show to life. There were much dancing and singing as usual, but there were also other notable parts, such as the N2s playing of the castanets, the K1s African and Native American tribal dances, and the K1 boys’ playing of drums and reciting of a poem. The parents were at the ready each time their child or children come on stage to capture the moment. Teachers on one hand were bursting with pride and joy as their class gave their all in each performance.

The message of the story was to open young children's eye to the diversity of children from around the world. It ended with Mindy making a special wish for all her newfound friends across the globe, who taught her that the world is such a wondrous place. That whether near or far, children are different yet also the same. She wished for just one incredible thing- lasting peace.

Colorful get-ups. Flashing lights. Dynamic performers. Lively crowd. All these and more described the year-end program attended by students, teachers and parents on June 3, 2017 at Titan Center, Bintaro, Tangerang.

Inspired by the theme Once upon a Book, each class showcased their talents in singing, dancing and reciting based on their favorite book. Infant Class together with their mommies presented Mandarin Shou Pa. Toddler A class swung to the tune of Monkey Dance. Toddler B growled to the tune of Gummy Bear. Nursery 1 classes demonstrated their stylish confidence in dancing.N2A exhibited their wit in Mandarin as they related the story of their favorite animal. N2B shared that wisdom comes from seeing the whole rather than bits of information from the storyTheSevenBlind Mice. Kindergarten 1A showed how they hunted bear through a jazz chant entitled Bear Hunting and danced to the tune Gummy Bear. Wow getter K1B amazed the crowd as they played angklung and sang do, re, mi and Edelweiss. K1C described an ideal friend through a poem recitation entitled What is a Friend. They showed vigor as they danced to the tune of Can’t Stop the Feeling. K2 class narrated about peoples’ journey and challenges through the poem entitled Oh the Places You’ll Go. They displayed enthusiasm as they sing and dance to the song Amazing. Some students from Nursery and Kindergarten classes displayed knack in hosting such as; Easton, Avril, Reinata, Hunter, Caleb, Warren, Kylie, Madeline, Ben, Samantha, Royce, Nicole, Howard, Jean, Joanne, Philia, Colton and Ace.

The success of our year-end program was made possible through the support of some parents who generously shared their resources namely Cotton Tail Event, Bagus Group, Abura Soba, Coca Suki,, Papillon Photography and our other anonymous sponsors

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