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The Infant Toddler children spent their term break by participating in ISMILE Bandung’s various and exciting activities in the recent summer holiday program. In addition to this, the kids had opportunities to develop social skills and explore different materials while having some fun with friends and people around them. Children love superheroes. This is the reason why we came up with our own theme on the first week entitled: “Princess and Super Heroes”. The kiddos made their own propsthrough the guidance of their guardians. The boystransformed themselvesinto strong Superman and Batman. The girlsturned themselvesinto pretty princesses. The most interesting part was the physical activity. Children participated in the obstacle race. They finished the race by kicking and carrying the boxes. They also had the chance to be like spiders by walking through a web. These activities provided the children to develop their gross and fine motor skills that will aid them to have strong muscles.

For the second week, we had the theme: “Little Einstein”. Children were given the opportunity to discover and conduct some simple Science experiments. Solar system is one of fun experiments for children to learn. The eight planets, sun, moon and stars were introduced. We also had melting ice activity wherein the children observed, held and touched the ice and let it melt. They learned how to mix colors by using food coloring and observed how colors changed by dropping some of these on a piece of tissue paper.

With all the interesting activities that the children experienced, a lot of skills were certainly tapped and different senses were surely stimulated. It was not only that the Infant and Toddler students who enjoyed their time during the holiday, but N1-K2 children as well. During the Summer Program, they had science experiment, drama, cooking, and camping. They built their own houses and used these for their dramatic play. They have also learned to work together as a group, shared materials and gained new friends. The Summer Program has developed opportunities for independent learning. The teacher worked hard to help pupils progress in the skills that were targeted like the appreciation of nature and the arts, social development, physical strength in the areas of gross and fine motor skills, music, and self-expression. Parents expressed a high level of satisfaction as they were able to observe how their children participated in different activities.


We are delighted to share with you our great experience during the Summer Program that started last June 5 up until July 14. Five weeks of fun and excitement!

The program was divided into varied groups for the Infant/Toddler levels and Nursery to Kindergarten levels. For Infant and Toddler, the three weeks had varied themes, namely, Princess and Super Heroes, Little Einstein, and Kindermusik.

For 2 year olds and olde, there were mainly three groups –Kindermusik, Chinese and theme based sessions. The Ns and Ks themed sessions included Creative Drama, Little Einstein, Sports Day, Little Chef and Camping, while Kindermusik had Beach Days, Out and About, Make Believe, Down on the Ground, and How Do You Feel. The Chinese program ran for two weeks, which highlighted rhymes, books and calligraphy as well as food, animals, and transportation.

During the program, young children were eagerly anticipating each activity that was executed. They had the chance to immerse themselves in sensorial, exploratory hands-on activities. They took pride over what they were able to accomplish and produce after each session. Teachers were very proud of their outputs, but more importantly the processes that they went through are precious learnings, that add value to their summer experiences.

Moreover, this is the very first summer program of ISMILE Menteng. The wide and beautiful outdoor garden also served as a learning and exploratory space for our children, to which they responded positively. They readily engaged in the sand pits, ever flowing waterfalls-stream, swings and slides and the pet bunnies Each moment in the summer program was marked with sunny smiles and an eagerness to participate. See you again next year, friends!


Interdisciplinary School of Multiple Intelligences Learning and Enrichment offered summer class program allowing children to develop child’s life skills from June 5 until July 14, 2017.

"We offer a summer program to increase cognitive development, creativity, improve reasoning and problem-solving skills of our students", said Ms. Jackie, Center Coordinator of ISMILE Belleza. She also added that the program will prepare students for the next school year and equip them with skills as they are learning.

During the four-week program, students engaged in the class that they wanted to enroll such as Kindermusik Class, Chinese Program, English reading, writing and Creative Drama.

"I enrolled my child in the summer class program because I want her to adapt and deal with the new situation in preparation for the opening of classes ", said Ms. Nita, a parent. She added that it helped boost the confidence and build character of children.

Infant and Toddler involved to classes based on themes: Princess and Super Heroes, Little Einstein, Kindermusik, Creative Drama, Sports Day, Little Chef and Camping.

"Students are given the opportunity to develop socially as they are able to interact with friends with different background, experiences and personalities", said Ms. Karen Gacusan, Infant Toddler Teacher.

Other ISMILE Centers offered the same program. Roughly 50 students enrolled the summer program in Belleza.

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