Multiple Intelligences in ISMILE


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According to Gardner, intelligence is: 1) The ability to create an effective product or offer a service that is valued in a culture 2) A set of skills that make it possible for a person to solve problems in life 3) The potential for finding or creating solutions for problems, which involves gathering new knowledge. 

Intelligences Modalities uses in ISMILE 

Musical–rhythmic and harmonic

This area has to do with sensitivity to sounds, rhythms, tones, and music. ISMILE uses ABC Music and Me Program from Kindermusik.


This area deals with spatial judgment and the ability to visualize with the mind's eye. ISMILE is very much inspired by Reggio Emilia way in setting school environment with a natural and esthetic way. Elements, techniques, art medium and appreciation are exposed to the children. 



People with high verbal-linguistic intelligence display a facility with words and languages. They are typically good at reading, writing, telling stories and memorizing words along with dates. Jolly Phonics as part of the phonics program, Montessori, whole language, and Mandarin program are well accepted by the children in ISMILE. 


This area has to do with logic, abstractions, reasoning, numbers and critical thinking. This also has to do with having the capacity to understand the underlying principles of some kind of causal system. Growing with Math and Montessori served our children well in this area.


The core elements of the bodilykinesthetic intelligence are control of one's bodily motions and the capacity to handle objects skillfully. Gardner elaborates to say that this also includes a sense of timing, a clear sense of the goal of a physical action, along with the ability to train responses. In ISMILE, we strengthen our children with Locomotor, Non-Locomotor, Manipulative skills and Swimming program. 


This area has to do with interaction with others. In theory, individuals who have high interpersonal intelligence are characterized by their sensitivity to others' moods, feelings, temperaments and motivations, and their ability to cooperate in order to work as part of a group. ISMILE has the best and most effective Character Building Program to help the children grow in Christ! 


This area has to do with introspective and self-reflective capacities. This refers to having a deep understanding of the self; what one's strengths/ weaknesses are, what makes one unique, being able to predict one's own reactions/emotions.


This area has to do with nurturing and relating information to one’s natural surroundings. Examples include classifying natural forms such as animal and plant species and rocks and mountain types.

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