Reggio-Inspired "NATURE EDUCATION" By Gillian McAuliffe


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The Community that Learns Together…

 The last week of October welcomed some special learning opportunities to different members of the ISMILE and Oakwood Academy Bandung community as educator, mentor and ISMILE family friend Gillian McAuliffe visited our part of the world to impart some practical wisdom and experience not only to teachers but also to parents and students. 

On October 24, Tuesday, Ms. McAuliffe got to sit down with a full house-worth of parents to share her thoughts and experiences about how children inter

act with the possibilities set before them – how they can explore and-discover – and how they can be provoked to construct their own learning. She stressed that this learning can not only be established but also be enriched by using nature – an environment that is readily available and rich with possibilities. They had firsthand experience of this kind of learning when they were asked to play an adjective-based game called Go Find It in our garden. Here they had a chance to work together, interact with and learn from nature – and (most importantly) have fun while doing so.

The students of Oakwood Academy also got to have fun with Miss Gillian the day before as they played the same game – proving that our kids truly are the experts at learning while playing (or is it playing while learning?). As with each interaction with our favorite mentor, all the teachers got new knowledge and insights on educational practices that we may apply in classroom possibility set ups, in learning with our children, and in developing each of our own project work. 

The Bandung community has truly been blessed to have Gillian over; we are looking forward to more growth opportunities such as this in the future.

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