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Integrating Outdoor Learning in Education


ISMILE adheres that education is not only acquired within the confines of the classroom. According to the article entitled, Review on Research on Outdoor Learning: Research indicates that fieldwork, properly conceived, adequately planned, well taught and effectively followed up, offers learners opportunities to develop their knowledge and skills in ways that add value to their everyday experiences in the classroom. Thus, as part of our curriculum and belief towards expanding the learning of our students beyond expectations, each class starting from N1 until K2 had their individual field trips according to the interest of the children in each level. 

The N1 A class, following their investigation on flowers, went to the Orchid Forest in Lembang. The children had fun as they traversed diverse species of orchids in the field. N1 Bs and N1 Cs’ exploration of water led them to Curug, Maribaya, where the children enjoyed and explored their interest in its natural environment. The sights and sounds of the hot springs, river, and waterfall delighted both parents and children. The N2s with their love for corn ventured to Balai Penelitian Tanaman dan Sayuran in Lembang. In the cornfield, a corn farmer taught them the environment where corn grows and how to plant them. They also got the chance to have a question and answer portion with the resource person.  The K1 class, on the other hand, enticed into the world of garden and plants, took off to Nabila Farm a hydroponics nursery located in Cibogo, Bandung.  The children had fun with the handson experience of planting. They were amazed at how a plant can grow without soil. Everyone was excited and enthusiastic about discovering and learning more about these “flying” plants.  While provoked by "Our Camping Trip" book, the K2 class in search of camping grounds and adventure, went to Bandung Treetop Adventure Park. 

 Challenging outbound activities such as walking on a tightrope, traversing using the zip line, crossing the net and passing through wooden loops while suspended in mid-air, were the actions they completed in increasing difficulty. Risk taking and challenging limitations have never been this exciting! As the trip ended, the children left with an even positive attitude toward the outdoor environment, departing with more knowledge and experience. As Archibald McLeish said: There is only one thing more painful than learning from experience, and that is not learning from experience.”



Exploring Scientia Park 

Going on a field trip is always exciting for everyone. Not only for the children, but also for the parents and teachers who assisted and supported them. We pushed through with our excursion to Scientia Park - Gading Serpong, Tangerang Banten on Thursday, October 12, 2017.  We were very grateful for the good weather that we had so we may have an enjoyable fieldtrip.  Going on an excursion gives children an alternative experience that they cannot get in the classroom. Scientia Park BSD provided activities that allowed the children to build a closer relationship with the nature. ISMILE Menteng Ns and Ks children had a great time exploring the park and learned so many interesting things such as, interacting with the rabbits and learning how to feed them as well as discovering the metamorphosis of butterflies. They also had the chance to ride a horse and a water buffalo as well as feed the Koi fish. Some children were brave enough to ride the animals while others were afraid or nervous to try. They also learned how to treat animals appropriately and interact with them in a safe way.

Furthermore, the children also did some planting. They followed instructions and equipped with gardening tools their little hands got busy digging through the soft earth. Another fun activity was planting in paddy field. Most of the children were intimidated by going barefoot and immersing in the muddy fields. Nonetheless, Kianna braved through it and was able to plant several stalks of rice. We’re very proud of her tenacity! 

The most exciting site for the children was the rabbits’ area. They loved interacting and feeding the rabbits. The children treated them very well by petting them lovingly and feeding them in a gentle manner.

Children’s learning and development are enhanced through direct interaction with not only the man-made world around them but the natural world, too. It reminds us to ensure our visits out and about celebrating the wonder of our world and trips to ‘the great outdoors’ can assist in establishing a lifelong love and enjoyment of our natural world.

The trip to Scientia Park provided our children the opportunity to interact with various animals that they might not have seen before and explore a novel, which then enriched their schema of the world they are in. The children were bursting with excitement with all the learning that we had during that day. It was a memorable time, made more remarkable by their compliant attitude and open minds. Overall, it was a fun-filled adventure for the ISMILE Menteng children. 



1 & N2 fieldtrip in Mini Farm

I t was the N1 and N2’s first fieldtrip. To give them a hands-on experience, they were brought to visit a Mini Farm in Bintaro on October 26, 2017. It was a wonderful sight to see them observe different kind of animals.  They were excited to interact with the caretaker and were curious to see how he took care of the animals. It was an amazing experience to tour the farm. There were many activities that children did such as:

  1. They learned how to hold the hedgehog, give them a bath, as well as differentiate between male and female. They also saw many hedgehog babies and how good a hedgehog swims.
  2. They gave the giant turtle a bath using a tooth brush and dry it using a towel; after that they took a picture with the turtle.
  3. They fed the otter with food.
  4. They went fishing and fed the fish.
  5. They feed and interacted with the rabbit. At the end of our fieldtrip, we had lunch together. Even though, the children got tired and sweaty, their faces looked so happy. What an awesome fieldtrip!


A Fieldtrip to Kidzania

On September 26, the classes of K1 - K2 were taken on a fieldtrip.   Fieldtrip is one of many excellent ways of getting the kids to understand the world better. Kidzania was the chosen destination for the fieldtrip. It is a place where children can experience and learn the basic skills in selected industries in our societies.

At 8AM early in the morning that day, Kids were gathered at the school lobby and transported using a large bus to Kidzania Indonesia, located in Pacific Place mall, Southern part of Jakarta.

Once they arrived at the location, armbands were given to every one of them, it was soon to be exchanged for play money with the total of 500 for every child at the bank inside the playing zone. The money will be used to pay for every occupation that they are interested to try.  

Kids were split into groups, there were around 1500 vacancies where the kids can experience many professions from a baker to magician, doctor, fire fighter, police, celebrity, chef, broadcaster, and many others even archeologist.   

Children learned values that are necessary in real life such as self-respect and respect for others, living with people in society, working as a team, and being aware of the value of money through the activities and work experience in each profession. All the kids were so happy and had so much fun because they obtained a lot of new experiences and learned a lot of new things on this exciting trip.  

The only thing that they did not have enough of was time - the day went by very quickly. Before we even knew it, it was time to get on the bus and head back to school. Overall, it was an enriching experience for the children. 

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